Terminal 4 , Port Everglades, Broward County, FL:

Description: Dual purpose facility handling both cargo and cruise operations.
Cruise terminal: 12,134 square feet / 1,127 square meters
Baggage handling: 25,350 square feet / 2,355 square meters
Transit cargo warehouse: 56,640 square feet / 5,262 square meters
Built: 1987
Renovations: ’94- new firewall; ’95- added passenger covering canopy, new seawall; ’96- completely painted.
Primary user(s): MSC Cruises
Facilities: Covered passenger drop-off, passenger seating, two sets of restrooms, mezzanine, one elevator, escalator, vending machines, baggage handling, one passenger loading bridge, A/C in passenger terminal only, disabled access.

Terminal 4 completed.  Looking north

Terminal GTA during construction
Almost done….looking south at G drop of canopy / GTA
Terminal 4 GTA almost complete


Site work required for conversion of container yard to 172 spaces surface parking lot, passenger and bus drop off areas for Cruise Terminal 4.  The scope included paving, grading and drainage plans, water main extension for new hydrant and replacement of existing sewer lateral.  It also included permitting and coordination with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and Broward County for four (4) Class IV storm water drainage wells.

Sun Sentinel article

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