GineersNow | 3 types of #engineers

In life, we always find ourselves in front of choices. Just this morning, I had to choose whether to drive my car to work or book a ride. Then, I had to choose whether to make myself an Americano or a cappuccino. Later today, I will have to choose between having salad for lunch or going for a sandwich. I expect that as soon as I arrive home, I will have to choose between taking a nap and going straight to the gym.We’re free to make choices – that’s part of being human in this day and age. But aside from what to eat, what to drink, how to go to the office or whether to exercise or not, perhaps the most important choice we have to make is what to make of our lives. Do we want to take up an active role in changing the world? Do we want to sit on the fence and watch other people do it? Or do we want not to care about anything at all?In most of my public speaking engagements in engineering conferences, I always break the ice by telling my audience how I believe that engineers, be they electrical, mechanical, civil, electronics, or chemical (of course, the list goes infinitely long), are the real superheroes of this world. But perhaps I have to clarify myself. I will tell you why in a bit.Image Source: RedditSee, from my more than 18 years of experience in the engineering industry, I have worked with more than a hundred engineers of a wide gamut of specializations.

Based on experience, I can say that there are actually three types of engineers:

1. Engineers who make things happen.

2. Engineers who watch things happen.

3. Engineers who says “WTF just happened?”

Courtesy / Source: GineersNow | 3 types of engineers

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