Here’s what a day in your life might look like without clean water

Every day, thousands of Americans roll out of bed and begin their daily morning routine the same way: With a trip down the hall to the bathroom. As they brush their teeth, wash their faces and relieve themselves in the comfort of this indoor sanctuary, complete with plush towels, clean tap water and a flushing toilet, they’re typically not thinking of the people around the globe who never experience such luxuries. But the truth is there are 2.5 billion people globally who lack access to even the very basic necessities of sanitation, cleanliness and safe water — that’s twice the population of the U.S.World Toilet Day is November 19, and aims to raise awareness about the global issue of poor sanitation around the world. We ask: What would your life look like if you had to exist without access to clean water? To a hot shower? To a private, indoor toilet? Below is a peek at what this type of life might look like. In this scenario, we’ll take a look at how the daily routine of a young woman living in a major metropolitan area would be altered without access to clean water and sanitation.

Source: Here’s what a day in your life might look like without clean water

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