Why subsidy, why not give tax exemption for residential solar systems. | M V Radhakrishna | LinkedIn

The Indian government has been offering subsidies of various nature for solar residential and pumping systems.This execution methodology is often hampered due to the inherent deficiencies of the system; where, the consumer has to apply through a nodal agency, get the system installed through some empanelled members and finally manage with a system which might not suit his requirements.The system configuration is prefixed by the nodal agency and the consumer’s request of changes from the pre-defined system configuration is not allowed. This resembles the tale of “bed of Procrustes” (where the man is made to fit the bed forcedly).           To add to the woes of the consumer, no worthwhile checks are made to ensure that these systems are working satisfactorily after installation. The installers are so far removed from the installation sites, that they do not even heed service request calls.From the monetary point of view, often it is seen that, the real subsidy portion of the prices is borne by the installers and is passed on to the consumer at the onset itself. The installer has to then wait for the subsidy payments from the nodal agency. The wait is pretty long and can even extend to more than 1 year.Owing to these reasons, many schemes are undertaken half-heartedly.The subsidy amount vary from 20% to 30% but one has to wait for the schemes to be released.

Source: Why subsidy, why not give tax exemption for residential solar systems. | M V Radhakrishna | LinkedIn

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