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Latest addition to our office wall….you would never guess what the one on  the right is made of??

Eco-friendly building material

A new eco-friendly building material that saves water and reduces the amount of debris in a building construction is the right material. This is the sort of sustainable and eco-friendly material that will help create green jobs, cheap housing and fast benefits to the wider society.

This building material created in Brazil promises to minimize the impacts generated by the construction industry worldwide. The alternative is equivalent to mortar and reduces the production of slag, use of water, lime and sand to build walls.

The Mass dundun is a glue used to fix the bricks and their application is more sustainable than the mortar, since the product does not generate waste, keeps clean and combat works wasting many resources that would become rubble.

Suitable for sealing walls built with various materials – like concrete, brick conventional ceramics and ecological brick, the product is a fluid that also promises to reduce the physical effort of workers retire and cement mixers.

On the website of the manufacturer, are more detailed product information, which was used in the construction of the South Courtyard Shopping Gávea, small shopping center made ​​from eco-friendlymaterials in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais.Source: Eco-friendly building material