How Successful People Manage Stress

I’m not a big fan of infographics. When you boil things down to sound bites, you lose all the nuance and context. Not only that, but learning comes from real-world experience and mentorship, not statistics and inspirational quotes.Imagine my surprise to find an infographic that’s actually somewhat useful on how famous CEOs deal with stress. Not that I stress over that sort of thing, at least not anymore. When you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ve either found what works for you or find yourself locked up in a padded room somewhere.Besides, the pressures of being a senior executive in the high-tech industry are enormous. You either learn to control it or it will control you. The same goes for running a small business. It’s always feast or famine and each extreme produces its own unique form of psychological torture.You have to learn to manage whatever life throws at you. And while the Infographic does offer some solid advice, I wanted to provide some context to sort of round it out and make it even more helpful.First, let me dispel a common misconception about stress. It’s not necessarily bad for you. Not to get technical here, but physical and mental stress from competition and adversity can actually drive you to perform your best work. We often come up with our most inspired ideas and innovative solutions under stress. Some people thrive on it. Others, not so much.

Source: How Successful People Manage Stress

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