Solar Ready Vets | Department of Energy

via Solar Ready Vets | Department of Energy.

” In September 2014, the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative launched the Solar Ready Vets program to connect our nation’s skilled veterans to the solar energy industry, preparing them for careers as solar photovoltaic (PV) system installers, sales representatives, system inspectors, and other solar-related occupations. Solar Ready Vets is enabled by the U.S. Department of Defense’s SkillBridge initiative, which allows exiting military personnel to pursue civilian job training, employment skills training, apprenticeships, and internships up to six months prior to their separation.

Employment in the U.S. solar industry increased nearly 86% over the past four years, and veterans are strong candidates to fill these positions because they are disciplined, motivated, and technically savvy. Solar Ready Vets trains active military personnel who are in “transitioning military” status – within a few months of leaving military service and becoming a veteran – and it prepares them to be strong candidates for positions in management, PV installation, sales, as well as technical positions. ”