Colas Paves Future Roads With Solar – Forbes

It would be an understatement to say that the company’s executives were surprised when all of France’s major media showed up at the Colas trade show booth in mid-October.“It was incredible,” said Christophe Lienard, Colas’ Innovation Group Director. “Our work in road construction and maintenance doesn’t normally get that sort of attention.”The media were there because Colas debuted the world’s first road surface that generates solar electricity, called Wattway. The panels, which are only a few millimeters thick, can be installed on top of any road surface without any additional civil engineering work, withstand all types of vehicle traffic, and every 20 square meters should generate enough energy to power a home.Five years ago, the project was nothing more than an after-hours experiment in an engineer’s garage.“He had a piece of road surface, photovoltaic modules, and some weights,” Lienard explained. “We knew it had to be possible, but we didn’t know how.”

Source: Colas Paves Future Roads With Solar – Forbes


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