The modernization of dairy farming

The last time you sat down to a grilled cheese sandwich or attended a wine-and-cheese-pairing soirée, chances are you weren’t thinking about how those delicious morsels of dairy goodness ended up on your plate. Most of us have never been up close and personal with a real, live cow — let alone had the chance to witness the fascinating dairy farming process first hand.This is something that the new web series Acres and Avenues aims to change, giving city slickers everywhere the inside scoop on farm life. The series features two people—one urban, one rural—who get the chance to experience each other’s lifestyle. In the show’s premiere episode, an urbanite gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse at life on a tech-savvy and eco-friendly dairy farm in Modesto, CA: Fiscalini Farms.

Source: The modernization of dairy farming


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